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"Teaching the ability to learn should be considered equally as important a goal as is mastery of prescribed content."
~ Dr. Mary Meeker, Ph.D., founder Structure of Intellect Systems
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Parents who follow our expert advice and complete the training process do see excellent results! No quick fixes, no short cuts. Solid Solutions. Solid Results!

READ WHAT OUR PARENTS ARE SAYING  "We appreciate your dedication to see our son succeed not only in academics but in life. You have such a heart to see children succeed and are doing everything you know to make it happen. We are thankful for everything that you do and don't feel we could ever repay you for what you have done for our B. I am amazed when I see my growing, happy, self confident little boy. I owe much of that to your patience and dedication"... Mrs. K.B., NJ
"My son has made much improvement. Every component of the program has helped him. Your enthusiasm and knowledge contributed to his success"... Mrs. D.W., Voorhees, NJ
"In school these last few months I have seen our son working at a better level of comprehension and not struggling with effort at the hardest of tasks, homework, and test taking. I wish we had our son diagnosed earlier in his educational years."... Mrs. A.E., Cherry Hill, NJ

Do you feel powerless, confused, overwhelmed not knowing what to believe about your child's learning abilities?

Have you been told by a teacher or doctor that your child has ADD/ADHD but that diagnosis just doesn’t feel right?

Are you frustrated and discouraged with the limited answers and solutions provided by the schools?

Do you believe that there must be something more that can be done to help your bright child learn better and easier in school?

Does it seem like there is no "light at the end of the tunnel" for your child in terms of really solving their learning and "attention" problems?


You see your child struggling with schoolwork at home. The tears, arguments, inconsistent grades, dependency on you to make the grades. Ongoing tutoring summer after summer, basic skills classes, special education, accommodations, 504 plans. Yet your bright child is not progressing as you know they can, no end in sight. Every day thousands of children like yours with learning difficulties either covert or identified by schools, struggle silently because of mis diagnosis of the real learning issues and a lack of knowledge about what can be done. Why is this? It's not your fault! You did not have all the information, all the resources. Until NOW!

Schools and traditional tutoring centers focus on what your child learns. They are curriculum based. This is not where the problem lies! It is the learning process, how your child learns that is the problem! This is why children seldom get out of special learning programs and never seem to become "independent" learners. Schools and tutoring programs are missing the "bull's eye"!

When all of your child's learning abilities - cognition, memory, problem solving, judgment and decision making (executive functioning skills), visual and auditory perception, processing speed, vision, sensory integration abilities to name a few - when all of these abilities become well developed through learning therapy, your child will then learn, remember, comprehend, pay attention, and succeed in school without struggling, accommodations and specialized programs and outside tutoring!



The Center For Learning Enhancement, LLC is here to provide you with the answers and solutions now!

You will learn:

  • What are the specific missing pieces to how your child learns that are causing them to struggle
  • What is the real cause and non-pharmaceutical solutions to their attention and focusing difficulties
  • What specifically will be done to develop these abilities through an individualized developmental, scientifically proven training program.
  • What is your child's academic potential in all academic areas
  • What potential problems your child will encounter down the road that have not yet surfaced.
  • How to prevent those problems by developing those "so so" abilities that ultimately will result in learning problems


The Structure of Intellect System of learning is called Learning Therapy. Your child will be worked with one on one during each session that they attend. Each session of 1.5 hours includes one on one training with a trained learning therapist, doing tasks including paper and pencil activities, and physical exercises that develop new neuro pathways of the brain and develop the many intellectual abilities as cognition, memory, executive functions as well as focusing and sensori-integration abilities that will in turn develop the specific learning abilities, and gives your child the "mental tools" that they need to be prepared to learn in school!

Whether it is an academic problem or difficulty focusing attention , concentrating or other behavior problems, many of these, if not most, are based on a lack of the mental skills necessary for successful functioning in school --- and in life! Once their intellectual abilities are well developed your child will learn and achieve more easily and remediation of weak academic skills (caused by years of poor processing skills) will be resolved more quickly than before!

Our most successful clients include:

  • Children with specific learning disabilities, attention, concentration, ADD/ADHD, sensori integration issues, auditory/visual processing, and Dyslexia
  • Those receiving basic skills instruction
  • Children not tested by schools because "they don't think" they have learning problems.
  • Children who were tested but the "interpretation" of their testing results said they did not have learning disabilities although you think differently.


  • Many of the symptoms of learning and attention difficulties disappear
  • Students begin to easily take in, remember and used information learned in school
  • Increased ability to pay attention, stay on task
  • Improved memory, comprehension and retention of skills and content material
  • Children become more independent learners
  • Improved academic performance
  • Improved family life- less struggles, tears, frustration, less time on homework!
  • Relationships with siblings improve
  • Need for repetitive tutoring, accommodations is eliminated
  • Reach academic potential
  • Become good readers, efficient in Math
  • Develop the concepts behind the "rote" learning!
  • With "conceptualization" your child will begin to understand what they are doing and why!


  • Addresses the root causes of learning difficulties, not just the symptoms
  • No fail approach to learning
  • Train to Mastery
  • One on One training with highly trained learning therapist
  • Completely Individualized treatment plan
  • Sensory integration training - crossing midline, balance, body in space for learning and ADD/ADHD
  • Vision focusing training- targeting, moving across page, near point/ far point, eye hand coordination to improve reading, comprehension, writing and Math
  • Metronome based perceptual training
  • Developmentally appropriate
  • Scientifically proven programs including:
    • Structure of Intellect Systems
    • PACE
    • Learning Breakthrough Program
    • Brain Mastery: Dyslexia Control/management.
    • The Listening Program for auditory processing Sensory integration, ADD and more!
    • Visualizing and Verbalizing by Lindamood Bell
    • Stevenson Language Development Program for Reading and Spelling- more effective and kid friendly than Wilson! Faster results too!
  • Academic remediation of reading, spelling, comprehension, writing, language arts, math when developmentally ready/appropriate and if needed using scientifically proven materials/programs.
  • Study Skills (after all abilities and academic skills are fully developed)
  • Parent education, support and advocacy services
  • Teleconferences for parents and professional educators
  • Homeschooling programming and consultation available!
  • Too far to travel? Long Distance programming services available - call for Details!
  • Professional Development of teachers and private practitioners


Hi, I am Mary Pat Correro. I have been in the field of education over thirty years as a special education teacher, Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant and director of Child Study Team services mostly in New Jersey. Aside from this, I am a writer for South Jersey Mom magazine, Learning2Learn column. Through my writing I educate, empower and support parents and educators in learning about the most current research and truth about learning issues! I have provided workshops, and training on learning disabilities, family and adult literacy and advocacy through multimedia resources.

I have always been frustrated with the "status quo" approach to working with kids with learning difficulties. I watched the "square peg (child) in the round hole (curriculum/school)" method and "numbers game" used with these children in schools. I never saw a passion or desire to find out better ways or anyone willing to stand up with me and say "No, there has got to be a better way!" or "How can we better serve these children and their families?" The process of evaluating children for learning disabilities was very much a numbers game, not a truly diagnostic nor analytical assessment of children! The only way I could implement the research based, effective approaches to learning difficulties and speak the truth to families was to leave the system!

When I was a Director of Special Services at a public school system before I opened the Center in 2002, a colleague wrote to me "Thank you for your willingness to push the edge of the envelope. Thanks for daring to challenge ordinary assumptions. Thanks for being willing to walk down the right path even when everyone has told you it's wrong. The children here need people like you"... B.L. Social Worker, 1999

This gave me the impetus to do what I knew needed to be done!

I left public education with the intention of finding a better way and I found it! It is my firm belief that "status Quo" sees limitations. Solutions and Success are born of spoken possibilities. Had the Wright brothers listened to the "naysayers" there would not be flights around the world and man would never have landed on the moon!

Without questioning educational systems that fail to seek what current research on the brain and learning have to say our children are doomed to be stuck as "dependent learners" who never reach their potential in life!

I opened the Center For Learning Enhancement,LLC to provide science based programs, that are "kid friendly" which provide real solutions to the real problems behind learning and attention issues. The major resource critical to learning solutions is called Structure of Intellect Systems. It is the "science of learning" based on over 60 years of research by Dr JP Guilford and Drs. Robert and Mary Meeker, and has shown great success in hundreds of schools and learning centers throughout the U.S. In addition I provide advocacy services to parents and children.

GET THIS! For the first time since I've been in education do I see children become independent learners, get over their learning difficulties, start reading despite being in special ed. for years, no longer needing accommodations. And I hear from parents how their family life has improved! A sister of one of our students said her brother is not angry and fighting with her like he used to!

Structure of Intellect System has proven that:

  • Intelligence is not fixed
  • How children learn, making sure that they can learn well is as important (if not moreso!) than what they learn
  • The specific learning abilities required for children to learn successfully and easily have been mapped out!
  • The Nationally normed Structure of Intellect Test of Learning Abilities identifies weaknesses in these skills
  • It is the only test of intelligence that provides real solutions through a specific training plan that will develop these abilities and resolve- not accommodate- resolve learning disabilities!

Are you ready for a breakthrough in how your child learns?

Ready to take full responsibility for your child's learning success?

Ready to do what it takes, however long it takes, knowing that you will see results?

Ready to give up on the schools and follow our expert advice knowing you will get the answers, the support, the education for you and your child?

Call today for an appointment! Parents who follow our expert advice and complete the training process do see excellent results! No quick fixes, no short cuts. Solid Solutions. Solid Results!

Call Now - 856-234-7337! It will be the best call you make this year for your child-and you!

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